Fast payday loans without paperwork

Is there a payday loan that really suits your needs? Do you need a payday loan to pay for your wedding, a reform or to buy a car?

When talking about applying for a loan, it is difficult to assess the conditions that best suit your needs. Normally you have to comply with the premises that the bank imposes on you without giving you many options or alternatives. Not to mention how complicated it is today to get a bank to grant you a loan. But there is a company through which you can obtain a payday loan adapted to you and your economic situation.

Metelem bank grants you up to € 60,000 to return in 96 months. No paperwork, no queues and a quick and simple system. In 2 minutes you know if they grant you the loan. Once approved, in less than 48 hours you can enjoy your money. You want to know more?

What is Metelem bank?

What is Metelem bank?

To talk about Metelem bank is to talk about tranquility, since it is backed by the bank that has been working for 25 years. In Spain it has been operating since 1988. Having more than 2.5 million private clients has made it one of the large companies specialized in offering financial services to individuals. Its star products are consumer loans, card management and online credits. Metelem bank has more than 400,000 active cards in Spain, which is why it is recognized as the No. 1 in consumer loans. So many people can’t be wrong right?

Why does Metelem bank have so many customers?

Why does Metelem bank have so many customers?

Here there is no trap or cardboard. Having a unique philosophy and focusing its services on achieving maximum customer satisfaction is the basis of this company. Its three cardinal points are:

  1. Keep the customer always informed of all aspects of their products as well as the operation of the market. Everything is transparent through clear and simple information.
  2. They adapt to the needs of each client and grant credits only responsibly. That is, when they know that the person will be able to pay their loan. They do not want to deceive or borrow people without economic possibilities.
  3. Support and guide your clients throughout the process that lasts your loan. They don’t want many customers, they want people happy with the service who don’t feel a number more. Therefore, you will have their support at all times and you can resolve any questions or issues at all times.  

In addition, belonging to one of the large financial groups such as BPN Paribas, makes its trajectory very solid. It is present in more than 80 countries.

Requirements to apply for your payday loan online

Requirements to apply for your personal loan online

One of the best qualities when applying for a loan online with Metelem bank is that its requirements are accessible to everyone and you do not need to meet a long list of conditions.

These are the basic requirements that you must meet in order to start requesting your money in Metelem bank:

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Be a resident in Spain.
  • Have monthly income.

As with any loan and following its principle of responsible financing, Metelem bank studies each client individually and adapting to their situation.

payday loans: how they work

Personal loans: how they work

The process and operation is very simple, since it is you who decides the conditions at all times. You choose the amount of your loan, the maximum being € 60,000 . If the amount is less than € 10,000, the maximum duration is 60 monthly payments but if the amount is longer the term may be up to 96 months. You can calculate your loan here, so that in advance you can know the interest you will have to pay.

If for example you need € 10,000 to make reforms at home and want to return them in 60 monthly installments (5 years), the monthly fee will be € 197.78. The total cost of your loan would be 11,866.80 euros, with 1,866.80 being the total interest you would have to pay. At all times, you will know what you have to pay, without unpleasant surprises or frights along the way.

Metelem bank gives you the option of being able to apply for loans for your home, car change, renovations, travel, medical operations, weddings … It offers customized loans adapting to your conditions . And best of all, you don’t need to change banks.

Metelem bank credit cards

Metelem bank credit cards

To make it easier for you, Metelem bank grants its customers a card. You decide the amount of fixed money you want to pay each month of your credit line, calculated between 3.5% and 33%. You can change this amount whenever you indicate it before the 20th of each month. In addition, twice a year you have the possibility of deferring your quota.

With this card you can directly get up to € 300 per day from any ATM. And it also gives you the option to make transfers to your checking account with the available amount of your card.

What happens to your credit if you fall ill, get kicked out of work, suffer an accident?

What happens to your credit if you fall ill, get kicked out of work, suffer an accident?

Metelem bank thinks about these possibilities and provides its customers with the opportunity to contract a Payment Protection Insurance Card or Payment Protection Insurance. By means of these insurances, you guarantee the amortization of your quotas, whether it is due to temporary disability or unemployment, if you are self-employed, civil servant or employee.

Best of all, it is very easy and fast to take out these insurances and they have a very small cost for the advantages and security they provide. The insurance amount is included in your loan installment.

Do you want to unify your debts?

Do you want to unify your debts?

Metelem bank gives you the possibility to unify all your loans and thus be able to pay a single installment and of smaller amount. This option is called “group solution” and is indicated for those people who have been clients of the Metelem bank Bank for more than 12 months and have a credit that is in force. Consumer loans, mortgage payments and credit cards can be reunified.

What happens if I want to request a postponement of your card receipt?

What happens if I want to request a postponement of your card receipt?

Metelem bank calls this Wildcard and you must request it before the 20th of the month. You can execute it through the “Client Space” of your website, calling by phone or in writing. In order to use this wild card you must have made at least four monthly payments correctly. The wild card can only be used twice a year.

How to partially or totally cancel your payday loan?

How to partially or totally cancel your personal loan?

To repay part of your credit you can make a transfer to the Metelem bank account number in which you must indicate name + surname + ID.

But if what you want is to completely cancel your loan you should contact Metelem bank through their chat or their phone number to tell you how to do it in an easy way.

The interest rate you pay for your loan with Metelem bank is lower than in other online credit companies since the repayment time of your debt is much greater than in the competition. This, together with the rest of the good conditions that Metelem bank offers you and the possibility of adapting to your needs when requesting a loan, makes it one of the first options to request a loan.